Healthy Diet Tips - Healthy Foods for Your Weight Loss Journey

Healthy Diet Tips - Healthy Foods for Your Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight includes plenty of significant changes to your daily routine. What you eat is one of, if not, the most essential aspect when it come to attaining your weight goals. Read this article to know what kinds of healthy foods you can eat for your weight loss journey.
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Healthy bodies come in different shapes and sizes. Weight loss can be undermined by many, but it’s a key to a healthy lifestyle. And if you want that healthy body, you must work towards it by consuming healthy foods that promote fat burning. 

But what’s the difference between burning fats and burning sugar? Typically, your body burns fats or sugar. However, when your body is running on sugar, it doesn’t burn fats. 

When you burn more sugars than fats, your body runs out of energy and gets hungry more often. This could increase your appetite leading to weight gain. 

 On the other hand, fat burning is healthier as it provides energy for your body while promoting weight loss. Your body doesn’t suffer much damage as when burning sugars.

Why is Your Body Designed to Burn Fats and Not Sugars?

This is human anatomy. When you start a workout or diet to lose weight, your body starts burning fats. Your brain signals fat cells to release fatty acids to your blood, heart, and lungs to break down fats into fuel.

It is also the work of the liver to convert fats into energy or fuel. Therefore, when you eat unhealthy foods, you force your body to burn carbohydrates(sugars) instead of fats, which could damage your body.

Healthy Food is Energizing( Quest for Nutrition)

Eating healthy has become a difficult thing to do for most people. Usually, the busyness of your daily lives, tight schedules, and working late have led many people to swap fast (junk) meals for healthy food.

Healthy foods are more energizing and more nutritious compared to fast foods. Suppose you want a healthy body or lose weight, leading to overall health. Then it’s ideal for eating healthy foods.

Healthy food doesn’t involve eating less or avoiding fats; it involves switching from unhealthy eating habits to eating nutritious and well-balanced diets. Not forgetting healthy fats too!

By eating healthy food, you will:

• Provide essential nutrients to your body, supplying it with the proper amount of energy it requires.
• Healthy food helps you maintain a well-toned body and keeps you from being overweight.
• It improves the immune system, preventing you from becoming sick easily. 
• Healthy foods promote the healthy function of your system by triggering your body cells to function properly.
• Healthy food is also essential for stimulating growth hormones.

    Unhealthy Foods Causes fatigue (A Quest for Desperate Energy Needs)

    While fast foods and energy drinks seem tastier, they threaten your health. Unhealthy foods are very low in nutrients and calories, which may lead to fatigue and low energy.

    Junk foods also lead to weight gain and high blood sugar level. Unhealthy foods will also:

    • Lead to extreme deficiency in nutrients and calories, causing nausea, fatigue, dizziness, and headache. 
    • Unhealthy foods cause weight loss. Proteins are essential for building up the muscles and for repairing tissues. When you eat unhealthy foods, you deny yourself a well-toned body.
    • An unhealthy diet will also lead to weight gain.
    • It can cause binge eating 

      Food Categories with Ketones

      Fats or sugar are the substances your body choices to use as energy, but it can only use one. If you prefer keto diet, you’ll have to train your body to burn fats for a constant energy supply.

      It is the work of the liver to convert fats to ketones which supply your body with energy.

      When choosing foods for a keto diet lifestyle, it’s best to focus on the ones that grow above the ground because root veggies have more carbohydrates and starch.

      Below are seven examples you can add to your keto food list:

      • Nuts and seeds
      • Brocolli
      • Zucchini
      • Eggs
      • Cabbage
      • Poultry
      • Eggplants

        Benefits of Consuming Foods with Ketones

        1. Foods with ketones promote weight loss.

        Weight loss on keto is a viable strategy. Eliminating carbs from one’s diet is one of the easiest ways to lose weight. According to a study by, individuals on a low-carb diet lose more weight than those on low-fat diets. This is because low carbohydrate diets remove excess water from your body and reduce blood sugars leading to weight loss.

        2. They increase the good HDL cholesterol.

        By consuming more fats and fewer carbs, you increase High-Density Lipoprotein(HDL), which is good cholesterol.

        3. Ketone foods lower appetite

        According to the National Institute of Health, ketone foods reduce appetite. This prevents binge eating and fosters weight loss.


        In the recent past, people have become conscious about their weight. If you want a long healthy life, you must pay attention to what you eat and maintain a healthy body weight.

         Eating healthy foods is one of how you can do this without any struggle. At Renpho, we sell products that promote healthy living. Visit our website today and learn about our products.