A pair of Renpho EU branded Eyeris 3 Eye Massager goggles with a sleek black and gray design. They feature a wide, tinted viewing area and a gray adjustable strap for a secure fit around the head. With built-in voice commands, these lightweight goggles offer personalized eye care, designed for comfort and relaxation.
A woman wearing a white blouse is using a black and grey Renpho EU Eyeris 3 Eye Massager. Above her head are icons and text representing voice commands such as "Hi Eyeris," "Change Mode," and "High Heat." This personalized eye care provides hands-free control, ensuring ultimate convenience. Below is text about voice-activated operation control.
A person wearing a Renpho EU Eyeris 3 Eye Massager with an extended pad is smiling in a cozy kitchen. The image highlights the benefit of the Renpho EU extended eye pad, featuring hands-free control for personalized eye care, as better for massaging temples compared to another smaller pad labeled "Other." The text reads, "Enjoy Deep Relaxation with Extended Eye Pad.
A promotional image for an eye mask product. The top half shows a woman using a heated Eyeris 3 Eye Massager with hands-free control and text: "Warm Compresses. Built-in Heating Pads, With 3 levels of variable warmth from 104-113°F." The bottom half showcases a Cooling Gel Mask with text: "Removable Cooling Gel Mask. Put it in the fridge and freeze for ultimate relaxation."
Brand Name: Renpho EU
A Renpho EU Eyeris 3 Eye Massager is displayed on a white table. Above it, text describes settings like massage area options (eyes+temples, eyes only), heat levels (off, low, medium, high), air pressure (soft, strong), vibration (on/off), and timer options. Highlights include DIY mode and memory function for personalized eye care. A cup and saucer are in the background.
A close-up image of a black Eyeris 3 Eye Massager by Renpho EU featuring a sleek, modern design with a visible display. Text on the image highlights its super-fast charge capability, indicating that it only needs 1.5 hours to fully charge with a 5V/2A Type-C head. Additional text mentions hands-free control and personalized eye care for optimal use.
A person reclines on a couch wearing black Eyeris 3 Eye Massager headphones. Music notes float around their head. Below, a smartphone screen shows the song "Never Felt A Love Like This" by Galantis is playing. Text reads: "Immersive music experience with hands-free control" and "Bluetooth Name: R-G010V.
A grid of four images, each depicting a different cause of migraines, dark circles, and dry eyes. Top left: A man in a white shirt rubbing his eyes labeled "Stay Up." Top right: A boy holding his head labeled "Work Stress." Bottom left: A woman touching her temple labeled "Prolonged Screen Time." Bottom right: A man holding a game controller labeled "Long Time" with the Eyeris 3 Eye Massager by Renpho EU nearby.
A Renpho EU Eyeris 3 Eye Massager set is displayed, including the massager, a black sleep mask, a user manual, a charging cable, and a gift box with a bow. The text "Thoughtful & Practical Gift: Improve Eye Health for your Family" appears at the top of the image. Enjoy personalized eye care with this innovative device.

Eyeris 3 Eye Massager

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Take personalized eye care to the next level with the RENPHO EYERIS 3, newly improved with a removable and cooling gel mask for effective relief against puffiness and eye strain. The eye cushion is now extended to ensure unparalleled comfort reaches your temples, with voice commands to enable hands-free control and convenience.

  • Key Features

  • Voice Control

  • Heat Pad

  • Cooling Mask

  • Why Renpho

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Comfort and Control Your Way

Built-in Heat Pad

Helps alleviate headaches, eye fatigue and more. Scientific studies show that a warm compress can increase tear film thickness and relieve dry eyes. 

Freezable Gel

Easily removable, the mask provides instant cooling sensation to reduce swelling, dark circles, and blurred vision. 

Your Voice Assistant

18 voice commands offer hands-free easy control, by simply saying “Hi Eyeris”

3 Acupressure Modes

Gently kneads and targets 10 acupressure points around your eyes and temples.

Your Voice Assistant

18 voice commands offer hands-free easy control, by simply saying “Hi Eyeris”, followed by below commands: *(English speaking only)

"Hi Eyeris"

Turn Off
Change Time

• Eyeris 3
• Removable Cooling Gel Mask
• USB-C cable
• Storage bag

• Material: ABS (plastic) & Protein leather & Gel
• Product Weight: 0.767lb / 0.348kg (without gel pad)​
• Heat range: 104 - 113ºF / 40℃ - 45℃​
• Power: USB-C cable (included)​
• Input: 5V/2A, voltage 5V​
• Charging time: 90min ​
• Working time: 90 - 240min

Size: 10.23x 6.06x 4.33 in / 26 x 15.4 x 11 cm​

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Immersive Experience

Buit-in music and nature sounds help you relax, and Bluetooth connectivity lets you de-stress after a long day with music on your phone

Ideal Gift for any occasion

Improve Eye Health of your Family

Soft Protein PU Leather

Smooth and soft leather provides breathability and comfort, perfect for the skin around the eyes

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