Improve Your Indoor Exercise Bike Workouts with AI Gym App

Improve Your Indoor Exercise Bike Workouts with AI Gym App

The RENPHO AI Smart Bike was always designed to be much greater than the sum of its parts. That's because the AI Gym partner app we developed was designed from the ground up bring fresh, new riding experiences to all riders.  

Since we know you want to hit the track as soon as you unpack the AI Smart Bike, we've created a rundown of all the features included in the AI Gym app so you can familiarize yourself first and cycle freely without having to navigate any steep learning curves along the way.

Meet Your New Exercise Partner: AI Gym

The AI Gym app acts as a central hub and display screen for the RENPHO AI Smart Bike, it can be downloaded to your smart device and then connect to the bike via Bluetooth to create custom workouts and more. Cycling data from the bike will also feed back into AI Gym and provide analysis and tracking of your riding performance.

AI Gym offers a growing library of downloadable courses to meet different training goals such as cardio, HITT, and marathon training; this is calibrated to your individual FTP level which is determined when you take the Cycling Power Test (more about this below).


Home: Your Health Performance Data and Place for Getting Started

The Home tab is where you can set goals which are calculated for you based on the number of days and exercise duration you want to achieve per week. This is also the place for you to select workouts instantly with minimal effort or planning involved.

This Week’s Goal will help keep you honest with a dashboard showing the days you exercised. This can be used to help understand your performance in terms of workout consistency and time remaining until you achieve your weekly goal, which can be modified by selecting ‘Adjust Goal’ in the upper right corner of the dashboard. Recent Training dives into more detail with calories burned per day and time spent exercising throughout the week.


Goal allows you to freely customize a one-off workout by inputting a target objective such as time, distance and calories needed to complete the goal. This is ideal for those on a tight schedule or wanting to set goals and get the best workout specific to their immediate goal requirement.


The Cycling Power Test is where you can take part in an FTP test at any time and calibrate workouts to your fitness standard. This is important for AI Gym to understand your individual pedal power in watts and set up specific FTP zones that go from warm-up to extreme sprinting. 


For those wanting a more ambitious exercise, the Explore tab automatically serves you with three random exercises from the comprehensive courses available in the Discovery tab so you can start a certified workout right away!



Discovery: The Exercise Encyclopedia

Discovery represents RENPHO’s one-stop shop for workouts of all varieties, we are constantly working to add more courses so check back for more updates as they come!

Power Course is the place where you can find workouts calibrated to your personal fitness. Your FTP result from the Cycling Power Test is used here to customize the interval intensity (pedal power in watts) during each power zone.


20-min Fartlek fat burning course at 145 FTP vs 100 FTP


Since each workout in the Power Course is designed to automatically adjust to your resistance based on your FTP, the cadence of each course is fixed which means the physical console is disabled so the intensity of workouts cannot be adjusted during these sessions. The only way to complete a course is to stay within the power watt zone until the very end!

There are four categories to choose from based on your preferences:

For short workouts between 5-20 minutes with moderate intensity and an easygoing tempo.
Fat Burning
For longer workouts between 20–45 minutes providing moderate intensity and periods of high intensity to keep you on your toes.
Endurance For marathon workouts between 30-60 minutes to help you enter the flow state easier with more frequent bursts of intensity.
Muscle Strength For explosive power training between 15-30 minutes with more time spent in zone 5 and 6 to build muscle by helping you adapt to fatigue.

Video Course allows you to follow along with certified Les Mills trainers in a variety of courses designed for you to feel the burn in scenarios including HITT, cardio, strength training, fat burning and more. Each workout is customized to your FTP result and the videos are downloaded to your device so there is no fear of interruption from buffering or a loss of internet connection.


 HIIT training at 145 FTP vs 100 FTP


Cycling Challenge is where you can take part in scenic challenges or use Google Maps to compete in circuit races around the world. Course intensity is not calibrated to your FTP here, so expect a fitness test based on real-world topography and the freedom to toggle between 8 gears to enjoy a leisurely ride or push harder with a high-intensity blitz instead.

The ‘scenic challenges’ provide an immersive ride experience around virtual trails including the Italian Alps, Paris streets and coasts of California. There is no set time limit to complete the challenge, however the only way to progress the video is to keep the momentum going by cycling.  


‘Circuit races’ provide a compelling multiplayer experience where you are dropped onto a map and must race against the performance of three other riders who completed the challenge earlier. A ranking table is displayed along with an indicator to show how many seconds ahead or behind a rider is from reaching you—so the pressure is on to pedal that much harder!


Me: Your Fitness Report Card!

The Me tab provides an overview of your workout activity in days, weeks and months so you can track fun stats and details about your entire journey with the AI Smart Bike. Weekly Reports is where you’ll find a historical archive of your This Week’s Goal reports (the most recent report is featured on the Home section). Exercise Ability allows you to access your current FTP cycling score.


Ready to Ride Now?

No matter how you choose to tackle your fitness riding journey, you can be sure to find a range of personalized courses and exclusive content that will challenge and entertain while also shaping you up from home!

Fitness enthusiasts with existing riding subscriptions can also connect popular third-party apps (Apple Watch, Peloton, Kinomap) to augment their experience even further.

The RENPHO AI Smart Bike is now available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Hong Kong.