Renpho Seasonal Staff Picks 2021

Renpho Seasonal Staff Picks 2021

What a wonderful thing it is to celebrate the end of the year by sharing gifts with the people we love. It’s also the best time to create a magical lifetime memory with a thoughtful present that will remain with them for many years to come.

We understand that it can be difficult to decide on what to get them, that’s why we’ve asked a few of our staff to share their favorite RENPHO product picks to help you on your way. Happy Holidays from all of us RENPHO!

Eye Massager

“I use it to relieve my sore eyes before bedtime. Using the strong air pressure with heat combo works best for me, especially if I have trouble sleeping!”

Get It Now for just €68,99

Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat

“This nifty product relieves shoulder and neck pain which I used to have when sitting at the desk. The comfy configurational design feels great and is my favorite office gadget because I can type on the keyboard while using.”

Get It Now for just €59,99

AI Smart Bike

“Even though I don't go cycling, I know I can’t skip leg day, so I love this home bike for its ability to train my leg muscles in a way that is more efficient because of its FTP test.”

Get It Now for just €699,00

R3 Massage Gun

“I use it every night before I go to sleep as it helps me alleviate any muscle pain. The massage itself can also help me relax as well, which mentally prepares me for the next day.”

Get It Now for just €109,99

Air Compression Leg Massager

“I started going to the gym consistently and my legs are always sore. The air compression wraps around my legs and really, really helps me to get rid of all that tension.”

Get It Now for just €113,99

Pocket Massage Gun

“This device is small and easy to use compared to the corded massage gun I have stashed at home. That one was always too much effort to use and pack away, so the mini massage gun is perfect for me!”

Get It Now for just €79,99