Spin, Sweat, and Recover: ROOFTOP RENPHO launches in Hong Kong!

Spin, Sweat, and Recover: ROOFTOP RENPHO launches in Hong Kong!

ROOFTOP RENPHO has launched in Hong Kong, offering an exhilarating rooftop spin class, cool down, and recovery session. This workout and recovery series is set to help you reach your fitness goals.


Breaking news! We're thrilled to announce the successful launch of ROOFTOP RENPHO in Hong Kong, marking our first event in the city. This groundbreaking new workout and recovery series is designed to help you push your limits, reach your goals, and achieve your peak performance.

The launch event was a huge success, featuring an exhilarating rooftop spin class in collaboration with RENATION, followed by a special recovery session with RENPHO that left participants feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

ROOFTOP RENPHO is all about pushing your limits, pushing your boundaries, and pushing yourself to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you're an experienced athlete or just starting out, our workouts and recovery sessions are designed to help you reach your peak performance.

The electric atmosphere of the workout was set in motion by DJ Johnnie Darka's fantastic playlist, fueling everyone’s energy to get started and keep going. Under the expert guidance of spin instructor Jess Shih, the participants engaged in a 45-minute workout that left them drenched in sweat. After the spin class, it was time to cool down and recover with the mini massage gun combined with gentle stretches. 

Stay tuned for more details, as we are excited to take ROOFTOP RENPHO to a city near you. 

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