A sleek, modern Renpho EU Core 1S Bathroom Scale with a white, square-shaped design and rounded corners. The display at the top shows the weight "126.8 lb" in bright, easy-to-read digits. This advanced digital bathroom scale is ideal for precise body measurements, with a smooth and reflective surface.
A sleek design, **Core 1S Bathroom Scale** with a white surface displays a body measurement of "126.8 lb." on a wooden floor. Feature highlights to the left include strong bearing surface, auto on/off, low battery indication, and overload indication. The brand "**Renpho EU**" is visible at the bottom.
A Core 1S Bathroom Scale with a sleek design and transparent top, featuring four visible metal sensor circles on the corners. The display shows a weight of 126.8 lbs. Text above the scale reads "4 High Precision Sensors" and "Ensure consistent and accurate body measurements." Brand name "Renpho EU" is at the bottom.
A Renpho EU Core 1S Bathroom Scale display with large, bright white numbers reads "126.8 lb." The text above the display reads "Easy to Read" in bold, black font. Below the heading, it states, "Bright and clear numbers on the LED display screen make it easy to read at day and night," in a green and black font.
A Renpho EU Core 1S Bathroom Scale with a sleek, modern design is shown close-up, highlighting its round corners and thin profile. The display screen on the scale reads 126.8 pounds. The text above the image states "Slim and Safety Design," emphasizing its rounded corners and 0.87-inch thickness for safe body measurements.
A woman, dressed in a light-colored tank top and pants, helps a toddler in white pajamas stand on a fluffy white rug in a bright room with large windows. Natural light floods the space, highlighting the sleek design of the Renpho EU Core 1S Bathroom Scale on the rug nearby. Reflections can be seen in the window behind them.
A pair of bare feet stand on a sleek Core 1S Bathroom Scale by Renpho EU with a minimalist design. Positioned on a wooden floor, the scale displays a weight of 92.1 and features a platform size labeled as 10.2 inches by 10.2 inches. The text reads: "Minimalism Design and Step-on Technology.

Core 1S Bathroom Scale

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RENPHO digital bathroom scale helps you build a better picture of your body and weight through measurements. It is simple to set up, easy to use and has a sleek design that is ideal for any space. 

  • Key Features

  • 3A Battery

  • Unlimited Users

  • Why Renpho

  • Amazon No.1 Health & Personal Care Brand

  • Official Sponsor of USA Triathlon

Easy to Read

Bright and clear numbers on the LED display screen make it easy to read at day and night.

Slim and Safety Design

Round corners with no sharp edges and 0.87 inch slim design is easy for storage.

4 High Precision Sensors

Ensure consistent and accurate measurement

RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale
User Manual
AAA batteries x 3

Min Weight: 11lb / 0.05kg
Max Weight: 400lb / 180kg
Unit: lb / kg
Power: 3AAA
Display: LED screen
Material: 5mm tempered glass

Size: 10.24 x 10.24x 0.87 inch / 26.00 x 26.00 x 2.21 cm

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