Elis Solar Smart Body Scale Scale Renpho EU(A)
An image of a sleek, modern Elis Solar Smart Body Scale by Renpho EU on a wooden floor illuminated by sunlight, featuring a graphic overlay of a glowing blue light to represent its light energy charging capability. The text highlights its
Split image contrasting two rooms: one with natural sunlight shining through a curtain onto a Renpho EU Elis Solar Smart Body Scale in a bedroom, and the other with artificial blue light illuminating a scale in a modern, dark bathroom.
This image shows a smartphone app interface titled "health and fitness metric monitoring" that tracks various body metrics. Three phone screens display different graphs and numeric data, including weight, BMI, body fat, muscle using the Renpho EU Elis Solar Smart Body Scale.
A young woman in sportswear performs a yoga pose on a mat in a bright room, while smiling and stretching her arm. Next to her, a graphic of a Elis Solar Smart Body Scale by Renpho EU displays a wellness app tracking.
A woman in a gym, wearing a sports bra and leggings, checks her smartphone intently. She's standing near sunlit windows. Logos of Renpho EU health app, MyFitnessPal, and Elis Solar Smart Body Scale.
A happy family with two adults, two children, and a golden retriever sitting in a living room, smiling at the camera. In the foreground, a digital tablet displays Renpho EU's Elis Solar Smart Body Scale app screen titled
The image showcases the features of the Renpho EU Elis Solar Smart Body Scale. It highlights a 5mm tempered glass, solar panels embedded within, and an upgraded wellness chip, depicted with visual effects representing protection and advanced technology.
An advertisement image showing a sleek, black Renpho EU Elis Solar Smart Body Scale with visible solar panels. The device, perfect for charging wellness gadgets like massagers and fitness trackers, is surrounded by lush green.
Three female cyclists, wearing USA Triathlon jerseys and sunglasses, smiling and embracing each other at a fitness event. One holds a cardboard box with the Elis Solar Smart Body Scale sponsor logo. "Official Sponsor" text and USA Tri

Elis Solar Smart Body Scale

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Gain a comprehensive picture of your weight and health goals with the Elis Solar Smart Body Scale. Powered by solar energy, allowing users to charge the device through sunlight or indoor light. As a result, you no longer have to worry about replacing batteries.

  • Key Features

  • 13 Key Body Metrics

  • Fitness App Compatible

  • Solar Powered

  • Why Renpho

  • Amazon No.1 Health & Personal Care Brand

  • Official Sponsor of USA Triathlon

Track your body, not just your weight

Effortless Recharging with Sunlight or Indoor Light

Just put the scale where there's sunlight or indoor light to begin charging easily

Cut Costs by $18+ Yearly with Solar Innovation

Effortless charing: Say Goodbye to battery changes and tangled cables

Use This Eco-Friendly Solar Scale for a Greener Planet

Cut waster and shrink your carbon footprint the easy way

Body Composition Indexes

Gain detailed information on 13 essential body measurements

Body Weight

• Elis Solar Smart Body Scale
• Manual

• LED Display
• Units in pounds & kilogram

• Solar or indoor light charging

• Log unlimited profiles with automatic user recognition
• Measure range from 6.6 lbs - 400 lbs

• Tempered glass platform

• iOS 12 or higher
• Android 7.0 or higher

• Size: 11 in x 11 in x 1 in
• Weight: 3.09 lbs

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RENPHO HEALTH works with

Syncs Data Automatically

Weigh at any time without opening the app.
After connecting again (step on the scale), the data will be synchronized to the app.

One scale for Unlimited Users

Share one scale with family and friends, track your progress on individual profile.

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