An AI Smart Bike S by Renpho EU with a large digital screen displaying a scenic ocean boardwalk route. The bike is modern with adjustable settings and foot pedals, set on a flat base, designed for optimal fitness.
An image of a modern AI Smart Bike S by Renpho EU. It features a sleek design with a digital monitor, a large padded seat, and adjustable handlebars. A tablet is mounted displaying a scenic
Promotional image for Renpho EU's AI Smart Bike S, featuring a shadowed silhouette of a female jogger and multiple smartphone screens displaying app features like map rides, professional coach video classes, and riding.
A promotional graphic for AI Smart Bike S by Renpho EU featuring a tablet and smartphone showing virtual cycling trails and wellness metrics, alongside a bike computer displaying ride data, set against a dark background with the text "go on an
Graphic of a Renpho EU AI Smart Bike S advertisement showing two people on stationary bikes, a close-up of the app interface on a smartphone, and a heart rate monitor displaying statistics. The headline reads "coaching courses to
Promotional graphic for the Renpho EU AI Smart Bike S, featuring a tablet displaying the cycling app interface, a smartphone with detailed workout metrics, and a bike computer showing performance data.
An advertisement showcasing universal device compatibility for exercise equipment: a woman on a Renpho EU AI Smart Bike S connects to various screens—a smart TV, a smartphone, and a tablet—all displaying workout guides for enhanced wellness.
Digital display on an AI Smart Bike S by Renpho EU showing metrics such as cadence, resistance level, speed, calories burned, and distance, with a headline about real-time wellness monitoring and adjustable resistance.
A woman with curly hair is cycling on a Renpho EU AI Smart Bike S in a room, focusing on her wellness by watching a virtual cycling track on a tablet that shows a cyclist in a volcanic environment.
A man with AI Smart Bike S by Renpho EU headphones focused on cycling on a stationary bike in a gym. The poster highlights features like "smooth & silent cycling," "magnetic resistance," "13.2lb flywheel," and
An advertisement for a Renpho EU AI Smart Bike S featuring a fully-adjustable design aimed at enhancing fitness. The image displays the bike against a dark, textured background with labeled measurements and close-ups of features.
A woman with curly hair is working out on a Renpho EU AI Smart Bike S in a well-lit home interior. The image highlights the bike's features like its 265 lb weight capacity and sturdy carbon steel frame.
A woman with her hair tied up in a ponytail is exercising on a Renpho EU AI Smart Bike S in a room. The text "official sponsor of the USA Triathlon" is overlaid at the top.

Bicicleta inteligente AI S

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Personalized AI Courses

The exercise bike introduces AI algorithms to create tailored training programs specially for you based on your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and power zone. This ensures you are always training at the optimum level, making your cycling workouts more effective and enjoyable.

Immersive Fitness Experience

With scenic riding courses that mimic the real world to bring the beauty and challenge of outdoor cycling into your home, the stationary bike for home takes you through iconic virtual landscapes, such as Paris, France, Tarragona, Spain and Italian Alps, allowing you to experience thrilling outdoor cycling in the comfort of your own home and getting you fully dialed into your training.

Diverse Training Programs

Catering to all fitness levels and goals, the spin bike offers an extensive array of training options. From endurance-building sessions and explosive power to simulated hill climbs, each program is designed to challenge and improve your fitness. Whether you're aiming to boost your stamina, increase your strength or conquer those virtual peaks, there is a tailored workout waiting to take your performance to the next level.

Flexible Resistance Options

Choose from 24 levels of resistance to fine-tune your workout intensity for a customized cycling session. The indoor bike features advanced magnetic resistance for smooth and silent adjustments, AI-driven automatic resistance that adapts in real-time to your pedaling cadence and target power when Ergometer Mode is selected and manual control for those who prefer a hands-on approach. The precise resistance settings ensure your training is effective and efficient.

Ergonomic Comfort for Endurance

Designed with your comfort and performance in mind, this workout bike boasts a thickly cushioned saddle for extended comfort during long rides. The user-friendly design extends to adjustable handlebars and saddle positions, ensuring a perfect fit for riders of all sizes. The bike exercise machine for home makes every ride a seamless blend of comfort and challenge.


Smart Technology: RENPHO AI Gym App - iOS and Android
Third-party app connectivity: Kinomap、Zwift、FulGaz、Rouvy (via FTMS Bluetooth)
Wireless firmware updates: Yes


Resistance type: Smart Electromagnetic Resistance Technology
Resistance functionality: Automatic and manual resistance
Power range: 0-1000W
Gears: 24
Metrics: Real-time RPM, Power, Cadence, Resistance, Distance, Calories


Frame: Carbon structural steel
Size: 49inch(Height) x 20inch(Width) x 40inch(Length)
Seat: Universal Seat Cushion
Standard Dual-Rail Mounting and airflow system: 7.5 - 10.5 inch
Pedals: Adjustable Pedal Straps


Handlebar to Ground: 38 - 48 inch
Saddle to Ground: 32 - 40 inch
Handlebar to Saddle: 13 - 19 inch
Saddle fore/aft : 0 - 3 inch
Crank Length: 6.7inch
Q factor: 6.3inch
Power required: Mains adaptor
Operating Temperature: 5 -50°C

RENPHO AI Smart Bike S
User Manual
Toolkit (Screws and Installation tools)
*Tablet not included

Weight maximum: 265 lbs