The Aeria Ultimate Thermal Full Leg Massager by Renpho EU, a pair of gray leg massagers with heat settings, provides comforting red waves to relieve tension. This wrap-around solution covers calves and feet and connects to a gray remote control with multiple buttons for various settings. The remote features a black display and a power button for easy operation.
An older man sits on a gray couch wearing Aeria Ultimate Thermal Full Leg Massager devices by Renpho EU, reading while a younger woman stands behind him smiling. Text above reads "Enjoy Professional Massage," with a side list that says "More Comfortable Than Shiatsu," "Gentler Than Rolling," "Quieter Than Vibration," and "Heat Comfort for Ultimate Tension Relief.
Illustration of the Renpho EU Aeria Ultimate Thermal Full Leg Massager with 2×8 large airbags on a leg. Features include 20-minute auto-off, 6 massage modes, and 4 intensity levels. Benefits shown: relieving pain, fatigue, and tension while promoting blood circulation. Arrows highlight the wrap-around solution on leg and foot areas.
A person sitting barefoot on a bed has removed glitter high heels and is massaging their lower leg, highlighted in red to indicate pain. The text "Who Needs Renpho EU Aeria Ultimate Thermal Full Leg Massager? Great for Leg Pain Relief, Circulation & Tension Relief" lists "Office Worker, Sports Enthusiast, The Elderly" as target users.
Image shows a Renpho EU Aeria Ultimate Thermal Full Leg Massager control panel and its usage modes. The wrap-around solution features buttons for Power, 1-2-3 TCF modes, Combine, Separate, Intensity adjustment, and heat comfort settings. Modes include C1 for full leg, C2 for feet & calves, C3 for sequence, ST for thighs with tension relief.
An **Aeria Ultimate Thermal Full Leg Massager** by **Renpho EU** is shown with dimensions. It wraps a leg from foot with a width of 10.8 inches (27.5 cm) to calf at 15.9 inches (40.5 cm), extending to the thigh, 8.8 inches (22.4 cm). This wrap-around solution provides tension relief and adjusts for leg circumferences from 11.8 to ...
A man in a gym sits on a bench, wearing an Aeria Ultimate Thermal Full Leg Massager on his legs and feet. He has a towel around his neck and holds a remote control for the device. Text on the image reads "Aeria Ultimate Thermal Full Leg Massager For Fast Recovery: Relax Tense Muscles After Training with Wrap-Around Solution." An Renpho EU-brand bag is on the floor.
Product features of the Aeria Ultimate Thermal Full Leg Massager by Renpho EU include adjustable wraps, larger airbags, soft mesh material, and labeled hose connectors for improved tension relief. The image shows two grey leg wraps with a handheld controller, highlighting various design elements for enhanced comfort and functionality.
An image shows the Renpho EU Aeria Ultimate Thermal Full Leg Massager with air compression and heat comfort. The set includes two grey leg cuffs, a remote control, a power adapter, a carrying bag, and a user manual. The packaging features product images and branding with the slogan "Smart Healthy Living." Model number RF-ALM070 is visible.
Gray Renpho EU Aeria Ultimate Thermal Full Leg Massager wraps with diamond-patterned stitching are displayed. Each wrap-around solution has tubing connected to a handheld control unit, featuring buttons for power, mode selection, and intensity adjustments. The control unit offers tension relief with a digital display and a coiled wire connecting to the wraps.

Aeria Ultieme Thermische Volledige Beenmasseur

Verkoopprijs€119,99 Normale prijs€149,99
Bespaar 20%
Verlicht en verlicht spanning met een gerichte wrap-around oplossing, nu met warmtecomfort en extra functies voor effectieve verlichting.
  • Key Features

  • 6 massagemodi

  • Timer voor automatisch uitschakelen (20 minuten)

  • Stille werking ≤55dB

  • Why Renpho

  • Amazon No.1 Health & Personal Care Brand

  • Official Sponsor of USA Triathlon

Verwarmend compressiecomfort


Simuleert nauwkeurig het gevoel van een massage
de handkneedtechniek van de therapeut


Volledige beenmassage van voeten tot kuiten tot dijen

Luchtcompressiesysteem voor snel herstel

Ontspan gespannen spieren na de training

Masseer uw benen volledig

Met de volgende 6 massagestanden

Modus C1

Volledig been

Modus C2

Voeten en kuiten

Modus C3


Modus ST


Modus SC


Modus SF


Installation Guide

Stap 1

Stop de benen in de juiste wikkels.

Stap 1

Stop de benen in de juiste wikkels.

Stap 2

Wikkel niet te strak. Er passen 4 vingers in.

Stap 3

Plug in controller.

Stap 4

Sluit de adapter aan.

Stap 1

Stop de benen in de juiste wikkels.

Stap 2

Wikkel niet te strak. Er passen 4 vingers in.

Stap 3

Plug in controller.

Stap 4

Sluit de adapter aan.


3 Heat Function

Het ideale geschenk

Eyeris 1 oogmassageapparaat

Lage temperatuur: 42° C/120° F
Hoge hitte 59° C/138° F

Begin door eerst de laagste intensiteit te selecteren. Aanbevolen wordt om een ​​opening vrij te laten voor 4 vingers.

Raadpleeg een arts als u zwanger bent, vatbaar bent voor huidinfecties, hoge bloeddruk heeft, een pacemaker gebruikt of een andere bekende medische aandoening heeft.

Deze beenmassager is ontworpen om handcompressie en knijpen te simuleren om uw benen te ontspannen. Bij deze massage wordt geen gebruik gemaakt van trillingen, kneden of rollen.

Productgewicht: 1,85 kg
Geluid: ≤55dB

Dijlengte: 22,4 cm / 8,8 inch | Omtrek: 40-70 cm / 15,7-27,6 inch 
Kuitlengte: 40,5 cm / 15,9 inch | Omtrek: 41-50 cm / 16,1 19,7 inch
Voetlengte: 27,5 cm / 10,8 inch | Omtrek: 25-38 cm / 9,8-15 inch 

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